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About Us

Welcome to our new site… I have always been intrigued by electronics, gizmos and gadgets. But in 2012 while visiting friends at their home, my friend Gregg showed me a box of GE Color Effects (aka GECE) icicles that he got them at a great price at Lowe’s, and he was going to cut the GE controller off and use his own. He took me to his office where a soldering station was setup, a controller was in a grey telephone box (later I discovered it was a CG-2000) with a bunch of vampire plugs dangling from the bottom. He was working on Christmas light controllers, SAY WHAT! A few years earlier I saw a television show where the one man was using his laptop to configure his electronics. At the time I noticed, but really did t think much about it. His lights were everywhere and I thought it was cool, but never thought of it again, until when my friend Greg told me he was working on Christmas light controllers. He showed me a “Pixel” and I was amazed.

He then pulled out the family iPad and loaded up YouTube and began showing me videos and I was immediately captivated. For some time I did research based upon what Greg had told me, and I was searching for “Renard”, “pixel” and “vixen”. I was having a hard time trying to grasp it all, the Sr boards had huge channel counts, but how do they control these “pixels”? And how many pieces of hardware are needed? Totally baffled and near cross eyed, I stopped searching, but held the crazy ideas in the back of my head. The next Christmas, Gregg gave me my own set of GE Color Effects Icicles.

That was the start of my Christmas Lighting addiction. My first year I had (3) Renard TR24plus AC dimmers, SanDevices E682 16-port and E6804 4-port pixel controllers. SanDevices had cracked the code of the proprietary GECE protocol and allowed lighting enthusiasts to veer away from the simple patterns GE preprogrammed into the small push button controller. I had about 10k-12k standard incandescent and LED Christmas lights, and 180 GECE icicles. Because I didn’t have much knowledge or experience so I had an electrician add 12 receptacles in my garage with 80 Amps of dedicated Christmas light power. In hind sight it was a hodge-podge of lights that blinked to a few songs. That started everything!